Stenographer 1.5

No Image Stenographer is a hybrid of a tuned audio player and a text editor that is used to type the text of seminars, interviews, lectures, etc. recorded on a dictating machine or using a microphone. The program is designed to make playing, searching for the needed fragment and other operations specific for typing text from an audio record as easy as possible and partially to automate them.

SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete 1.6: Lost any photos or videos? Powerful software to undelete images and video files.
SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete 1.6

needed. Our experienced nurse Marley will fast and skillfully help you to undelete your pictures! But there is one rule: behave decently! You will be nicely surprised by Photo Undelete usability! There is no need to set any options - the entire process is done automatically with a built-in wizard. At first you can download free to try version. After scanning flash memory it will show you, what pictures can be recovered. Photo Undelete searches for

flash card undelete, recover deleted photo, recover my photo, photo undelete, recovering deleted pictures

Doc Organizer 3.3: Systematization for files and folders by categories, regardless of their type
Doc Organizer 3.3

The program systematizes your documents, files and folders (from removable drives as well - for example, USB Flash drive) by categories, regardless of their type. These there can be even hyperlinks (URLs) without saving web-page to your hard disk. There is no limitation on the type of files. A file (folder) may be placed in a few categories, but there are no doubles on your hard disk. Also the program has basic functions of file manager.

cataloging, systematization, organizer, file, document, catalogue, systemizer, cataloguer

No Image
Mail Trustee 3.2

needs. An individual functioning cycle can be set up for each mailbox; it will include: - Receiving mail from mail client with further transfer to mail server - Transfer of received mail from mail server to mail client - Establishing an Internet connection if needed - Mail transfer to mail server - Mail analysis on mail server, unsolicited mail detection for decision-making (delete, accept, etc.) - Receiving mail from mail server - Interrupting an

spam protection, e mail, anti spam, antispam

Icon Craft 4.64: Design professional looking icons with this fully featured icon maker.
Icon Craft 4.64

need an icon maker to enliven the interfaces of their projects, making them more user friendly and more professional. With an abundance of features allowing developers to create the most professional looking results possible, the software is also exceptionally easy to user, with a clearly presented interface where it is easy to find the features that you need. This icon maker supports a huge range of different formats as well and you can also use

icon, graphic, library, imagelist, collection, icons, edit, librerias, image, editor, iconos, icon maker

WEBSmith 3: Allows non-programmers to produce dynamic websites via drag and drop components
WEBSmith 3

Regain control of your website and implement eCommerce, content management, news, booking, visitor specific content, timed content, events, mailing lists, site search and member management - all with ease. There is no need for technical skills and you can update your website from anywhere in the world using a web browser. Simply drag and drop interactive features onto new and existing html pages and create as many sites as you wish.

ecommerce, mailing, components, websmith, sell, booking, shopping cart, content management, no programming, website development, interactive, store, dynamic

pdf-Office 7.x: create sophisticated pdf forms and pdf documents from scratch
pdf-Office 7.x

Create sophisticated pdf forms and pdf documents from scratch. pdf-Office Professional has all the form functions that AdobeĀ“s free Acrobat Reader can work with. Interactive forms can be created intuitively, filled out electronically by the user at the PC, and then printed - with all the advantages that the PDF format can provide. A high level of document security enabled by 128-bit encryption ensures maximum data protection where needed.

create, radio button, demo, form, check box, acrobat, text field, forms, easily, save, password field, adobe, button field

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